Q&A with Gitanjali Rao!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the JSS Blog. I want to use this blog to summarize my answers and expand on some further resources that you can use in addition to some of the questions that I answered: Where do you get your inspiration? My inspiration is drawn from a variety of different places but the biggest source of inspiration that I find in situations in which I connect or find something that I'm passionate about solving. What process do you use? I use the basic process of Observe, Brainstorm, Research, Build and Communicate How do you start a project? Start with YOUR ikigai or the question of what do you like? Your passion dominates anything else and if you find something you love to do it'll make it that much easier. Regarding technology, below are some great resources to start to get involved in the world of tech:

The Amazing Technology Behind 3D Printed PPE

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the official Just STEM Stuff Blog. As described on my YouTube video, I will be expanding on some of the background knowledge behind 3D Printing as well as the Q&A! I hope you gather some more knowledge about the world of 3-D Printing! What is 3-D Printing? 3D printing , also known as additive manufacturing, is a process where a  3D printer  creates three-dimensional objects by adding materials layer upon layer to create your designated model or shape. Click  HERE  for a great resource by All3DP to help you understanding 3D Printing more Click  HERE  for an awesome video by Mashable for a visual experience What can 3D printing be used for today and in the future? Some of the applications are: Printing accessories such as smartphone cases and stands, cable holders, boxes, etc. Printing replacement parts for household devices, electrical devices, computers, cameras, even bikes, and more. Printing toys and tools of all sorts. Print fabrics for creating clo

Gitanjali's First Blog

Hello hello hello! Welcome to Just STEM Stuff's official blog.  I hope everyone's having an amazing weekend!! I'm so excited to be sharing this blog with you. I really think this is going to be an awesome way for me to share some of what worked for me, with all of you!  Most of you probably came here from my first vlog on the YouTube channel, "Just STEM Stuff." If so, this blog is a place for me to expand more on what I discussed in the vlog. This might include other links and activities that you can do in order to understand the concepts more. It might also include answers to some of your questions so that I'm able to help everyone out.  This first blog is going to be relatively short because this is just an introduction. However, next month we'll be diving into the process of innovation. I am going to work on creating an infographic and putting together links for all of you to understand the concept better.  I'm really excited to see where t